To express the sense of gratitude towards Almighty, the most merciful, and to effectively repay the debt to society, I believe that education is the only tool through which we can bring about social, economical and political change. Education is the key to success and women’s education is the master key.

Women constitute fifty percent of our population, therefore making them a critical and essential component in human development. They are the focal point for the growth of civilization. I believe that the root cause for any problem, social, economical or political is illiteracy. Therefore education is the single most powerful apparatus for social upliftment. It widens the window through which we view the world. Knowledge is power. It unshackles and empowers a person to think in the right direction. This is exactly why I am of the firm opinion that investment in educating the girl child gives the highest social returns.

There is a direct link between girl’s education and reduction in the burgeoning population, family health, equitable economic growth, power and greater social status. Its percolating effect has ripples on a girl realizing her own potential, the ability to equally participate in a decision making process that spans economic, social and cultural aspects, thus providing the women equal employment opportunities and social security.

It further impacts on the management of natural resources, environment friendliness, and curbs superstition thus bringing about significant social change and drastically reducing sex discrimination.